Personal and Ethical Foundations (PEF)


Values, Philosophy, and History (VPH)


Law, Policy, and Governance (LPG)


“Articulate awareness and understanding of one’s attitudes, values, beliefs, assumptions, biases, and identify how they affect one’s integrity and work with others” (p. 16).

“Articulate key elements of one’s set of personal beliefs and commitments (e.g., values, morals, goals, desires, self-definitions), as well as the source of each (e.g., self, peers, family, or one or more larger communities)” (p. 16).

Personal and Ethical Foundations

CSP 6010, 6030, 6040

“Articulate the historical contexts of institutional types and functional areas within higher education and student affairs” (p. 18).

“Describe the roles of faculty, academic affairs, and student affairs educators in the institution” (p. 18).




Values, Philosophy, and History

CSP 6010, 6030

“Describe evolving laws, policies, and judicial rulings that influence the student-institutional relationship and how they affect professional practice” (p. 22).

“Describe the governance systems at one’s institution including the governance structures for faculty, student affairs professionals, staff, and students” (p. 22).



Law, Policy, and Governance

CSP 6010, 6030, 6040